Ministry Opportunity Guide

Ministry is one of the most exciting and rewarding journey’s that you will ever encounter! God has put you on earth to make a contribution, to serve Him by serving others. This is one of your primary purposes. He has given you a unique SHAPE to meet the needs of others in order to help them grow and the amazing thing about this process is that you are blessed as you bless others. As you use your gifts and talents in ministry, your life will be instantly reinvigorated with a renewed sense of passion and joy! The mere fact that you are reading this tells us that you are looking for your place of ministry here at Faith and we want to thank and commend you for taking this step! Here you will find numerous ways to use your God given SHAPE for ministry. Your SHAPE is one-of-a-kind and is a combination of your Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality and Experiences.

Spiritual Gifts

God gave you a special ability called a Spiritual Gift when you began following Him. He gave you this gift to help build up your church family and reach out to the world with Christ’s Love.


God gave you a unique passion for particular activities, subjects and circumstances. He gave you a heart for the things you feel deeply about to help define how and where He wants you to serve Him.


You have natural abilities, given to you when you were born, that God can use in specific ways to assist you in your ministry. This could be in sports, travel, photography, writing, or other activities.


God can use a personality in ministry that’s exactly like yours! He wants to use you whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert; whether you enjoy routine or variety.


God has placed a multitude of experiences in your life to help mold you for ministry. He can use the experiences in your background to help heal the hurts of others or foster the development of your church and your community.
The opportunities are wide-open. This Ministry Opportunity Guide holds countless ways God can use you. And whatever your SHAPE looks like, God has designed it for a specific purpose within the church.

It is a privilege to help you start to discover all that God has planned for you in ministry. You are in our prayers as God prepares and guides you to a fulfilling place of ministry where you can use your gifts and talents to make a difference!

Ministries at Faith

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Additional Information

Keys to Unlocking the Door to Your Ministry

Whether you are stepping out in ministry for the first time or trying to find your place in ministry, this can be a challenging process for some people. Regardless of where you are in this journey, it is worth the effort as Paul tells us in Philippians: “Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, I strain to reach the end of the race and receive the prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us up to heaven.

As we look ahead to the exciting road of ministry the following opportunities can help you in your journey towards Discovering, Demonstrating and Deepening your SHAPE for Ministry.

Discovering My Ministry

Participate in this exciting class and discover how your SHAPE is one-of-a-kind and how it can be expressed in ministry. It is only one morning that can change the way you see yourself! Register below for the next available session.

SHAPE Discovery Session

Take a moment to sit down one-on-one with a trained Connections Guide, who is gifted to match your SHAPE with a ministry opportunity at Faith. You can schedule your personal SHAPE Discovery Session at the end of the Discovering My Ministry class.

For additional ways or for more information on the above opportunities call the church office (630) 862-3500.

We are here for you!