We have returned to onsite Revolution and meet Sunday nights at 5:00 PM.  Students are asked to mask and social distance.  We will continue to make all our gatherings available online as well.  We'll start with our large group and then break out into middle & high school groups.  We'll conclude at 6:15 PM.  If you have any questions regarding our reopening of student ministries please contact Pastor Rob.

Summer Mission Trip

Middle & High School

July 25-30

Cost:  $250

Housing:  Faith Lutheran Church

God has called us to make a difference in the world. Serve those in need He says. We are going to do that again this summer in our own community. We've put together another exciting local mission trip experience for all middle and high school students July 25-30. We'll stay onsite at Faith and serve under-resourced families by building and renovating homes through the organization called The Neighborhood Project. If you have questions, contact Pastor Rob at: pastor@discoveringfaith.com

Middle School: Crossroads

Sundays | 5:00 PM | Onsite and Online

High School: TNL (The Next Level)

Sundays | 5:00 PM | Onsite and Online