Kristin Hogan
Administrative Assistant

Kristin has worked at faith since 2018.  She is the person many people see first when they visit the church during office hours.  “It was my mission to be really on the ball for a seamless introduction into the church,” she said.  

At first, she found the position quite interesting, “you really have to be able to adapt to almost any situation.”  During the pandemic, Kristin said many times she walks people through how to sign on the Faith Lutheran web page to make sure they can worship, or simply find out more about the church.

The job also makes her an internet specialist and has on more than one occasion helped someone unfamiliar with the computer be able to log on and sign up for a Bible Study.  With three types of services at Faith Lutheran, Kristin has to be very familiar with all the services and everything the church can offer.

Kristin takes calls very seriously when a congregant may call in regard to a need for themselves or a family member. “I keep them all connected," she said.