Sunday Worship Message Series | February 7 - March 21

We often read the Bible for application, inspiration, or direction. However, there are times when the author wants to simply point the reader to a big idea—an idea that fits with God's grand story. In the Gospel of Mark, we read about Peter's experience with Jesus that led Peter to believe in one big idea: the kingdom of God has come, and everyone is invited to participate. 

Additional Resources

Weekly Study Guides
Each week of the Kingdom Come message series we will post a new study guide to help us further explore our place in the Kingdom of God.
Week 1 | February 7 | So Close
Week 2 | February 14 | Unsettling
Week 3 | February 21 | Missing the Mark
Week 4 | February 28 | Easy Way Out
Week 5 | March 7 | The Greatest
Week 6 | March 14 | Unmoveable
Week 7 | March 21 | Renewed
Do it Together
During this time of isolation we need connection more than ever.  Study with your housemates, workmates, or people you enjoy, or join one of our online community groups and get plugged in.
Ask for Prayer
Let people know you are taking some steps to grow in following Jesus and you need their prayer.  We want to pray for you too.