Jenn Klosterman
Director of Children Ministries

Jenn and her family became members of Faith Lutheran in 2010. Since August 2011, Jenn has served as Faith Lutheran's Director of Children's Ministries, which encompasses three programs scheduled throughout the year: weekly Sunday morning programming for preschool (First Look) and elementary school (KidWerks) students, school year programming through Bright Beginnings Preschool, and one week of summer programming for preschool and elementary school students through Vacation Bible School (VBS).

Jenn’s interest in serving as Director of Children's Ministries began as her youngest of three children was beginning Kindergarten. She was ready to go back to work in an environment that incorporated her education, a master's degree in elementary school guidance counseling. Jenn believes her educational background “fuels a passion for helping, supporting, and working with young kids. I am excited about being able to use faith and God as a way to help young kids as they start on their own spiritual paths.”

Faith Lutheran’s Children’s Ministries keep Jenn and her team busy hosting each program’s activities. What Jenn enjoys most from all of the Children’s Ministries activities is “the honesty, curiosity, and spirit of kids that are still young enough they haven't been jaded by or influenced by some of the more negative parts of life yet. Almost all kids have a glass half full view on life, and it's incredibly refreshing to get to learn from them how to embrace life and live with joy.”

First Look & KidWerks

Jenn helps recruit and collaborate with a team of volunteers to implement Faith Lutheran’s weekly Sunday morning children's ministry programming for preschool (First Look) and elementary school (KidWerks) students. Each month, Jenn and her team explore a new virtue with the children through creative storytelling and bible verses. In small groups, kids discuss how they can live out that virtue in their daily lives.

KidWerks Live 2.0 is Faith’s Covid-19 response for keeping our children and families safe and healthy during this pandemic. With a small team, Jenn provides a virtual Sunday morning curriculum and facilitates small group conversations to help the adults and kids navigate Covid-19 together. Kids experience the bible story during large group time. In small group breakout rooms, kids learn how to identify opportunities to show that month's virtue in their daily lives. Small group time also provides the opportunity for group members to care for and pray for their peers.

Bright Beginnings Preschool

During the school year, Jenn and a co-teacher offer a faith-based preschool curriculum that provides social, emotional, and educational activities for children in the community who are 3-5 years old. Jenn and her co-teacher hope to instill in their students a love and eagerness of learning and exploring.

At Bright Beginnings, kids can expect to learn social skills such as how to compromise and self-advocate through free play. Kids learn educational concepts such as letters, colors, shapes, and numbers during circle time. They also learn how to follow multi-step directions. Most importantly, the kids learn how to get along with others in an environment where they are taught God made them special and different from everyone else.

Jenn’s educational experience includes a master’s degree in elementary school guidance and counseling. She is director certified by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). Prior to joining Faith Lutheran, Jenn worked for 3 years as an assistant director at an early childhood center.

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

For VBS, Jenn recruits and leads adults and high school volunteers in executing a one-week intensive bible school curriculum for preschool and elementary school children in the community. For many children, VBS is their first introduction to the Gospels. During the week, kids play games, experience live-action bible stories, make snacks, and create sciencey gizmos to learn about that day’s key point.

Children’s Ministries Volunteer Opportunities

Faith Lutheran is always looking for volunteers to serve in our Children’s Ministries. We have opportunities to serve as a small group leader, large group volunteer, supply coordinator, and worship leader. Anyone interested should email Jenn at