Andrew Maya of Plainfield plays a vital role in devotion and prayer as he sings and performs piano during worship at Faith Lutheran.  

Andrew first wanted to play the piano when he was 15 after watching the movie Amadeus.  The 1984 movie is a fictionalized biography of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.  He said watching the drama was a turning point in his youth.  “It was amazing to see Mozart writing music and that got me interested.”

Today, some 15 years later, Andrew finds that writing his own music and playing piano so that people can worship is important.  He currently spends Sunday mornings playing for three churches in the area.  He also works as the background musical entertainment at weddings and other social events.  

Being a musical voice, I hope that I can contribute to the congregation.

Andrew spends the remainder of his time giving music lessons to students at universities and schools.  He hopes to one day rejoin a jazz combo rock band, put out original music, record his melodies, and get a teaching position at a school or university.  

Andrew’s life-long goal is to play the guitar.