Trenton Baker
Worship Leader

Born and raised in Central Indiana, Trenton Baker has been in the Chicagoland area for three years! Music has always been the forefront of Trenton’s life, and has blessed him to grace many stages and concert halls. After discovering his purpose and understanding  his powerful testimony, Trenton grew deeper in his faith and found himself most passionate in the church.

Trenton was born with a rare, life-threatening medical condition: tracheomalacia. As an infant, he underwent many tests and surgeries, such as a tracheotomy. After more tests and inspections, the doctors and specialists gave the information a parent doesn’t ever want to hear: “It is most likely that your child won’t be able to vocalize - cry, talk, laugh, sing, scream etc.” Little did the doctors know, Trenton would become the chattiest kid in school and the loudest of the family. It wasn’t until years later when Trenton received the gift of his musical talent and voice, not realizing that it was about to change his life.

That voice has given him opportunities to perform with The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, Indianapolis Chamber Orchestra, Music Theater Works in Chicago, at the Lincoln Center in New York City, and a two-week vocal jazz tour in China! This past November,  Trenton joined Jason Crabb, Grammy award winning gospel artist, on his tour back in Indiana.

Trenton, now 26 years old, has fully understood the assignment and the purpose as to why he is still on this Earth: to inspire, uplift, and share the goodness of God through his voice and his ministry.

Trenton is honored and completely humbled to be able to worship with Faith Lutheran Church!

To God be all the glory!