2010 Vision Document







Our Mission

Invite, Grow, Serve


To change 1,000 lives in five years by connecting them to Jesus Christ and to others.


Grow our worshiping community to 1,000

Grow 200 children in their relationship with God

Grow 200 students in their relationship with God

Grow 600 adults in their relationship with God

Connect every member to a ministry


Provide engaging, relevant worship

Provide engaging, life-changing children’s ministries

Provide engaging, life-changing student ministries

Provide engaging, life-changing adult ministries

Provide engaging, life-changing serving opportunities

Provide engaging, targeted communications

Worship (tactics)

  • Add additional worship services
  • Increase parking
  • Develop creative arts team

Children’s Ministry (tactics)

  • First Look
  • Kidwerks
  • Kidwerks FX
  • Preschool
  • VBS

Student ministries (tactics)

  • Crossroads (6-8th Grade)
  • t .n .l. (9-12th Grade)
  • Monthly SERVE events
  • Mission Trips

Adult Ministries (tactics)

  • Develop life group ministry team
  • Develop 20 life group leaders
  • Develop 30 life groups
  • Provide adult spiritual growth classes

Serving (tactics)

  • Monthly serve events
  • Outreach projects that focus on the basics – Water, Food, Shelter
  • Domestic & global mission trips
  • Develop Connections team
  • Provide one-on-one connection guide opportunities
  • Develop a web-based ministry explorer

Communications (tactics)

  • Develop communications team
  • Develop fully-integrated web site
  • Develop print materials
  • Develop media production team

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